Coffee workshop

Learn all about coffee and coffe making!
Koffie workshop en Barista workshop: IJssalon IJspret Zwanenburg en omgeving Amsterdam

During this workshop you wil learn all about coffee and coffee making from our Barista (SCA certified) professionals.

-The origins of coffee
-What kind of coffe beans exist
-Coffee processing
-Making the perfect espresso
-Foaming milk into micro foam
-The preparation of different kinds of coffee (latte, a nice cappuccino or a latte macchiato)
-Taste how the flavour of espresso is being constructed in three steps

For youngsters under ther age of 16 we can organise a special workshop where we go less deep into the theory part.
In this adapted workshop the making of the best cup of coffee comes first!

-€ 21, p.p
-About 2 hours
-Max 4 persons

Youth (< 16 years of age)
-€ 14, p.p
-About 1.5 hour
-Max 6 persons

If you are interested, please contact us by mail or telephone. We can arrange for a date and time to organise the workshop.

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