About us

The story of IIssalon IIspret
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Nothing has changed…..

Just the name has changed (formerly IJspret, from now on we are called IJs-break).  So our businesses in Zwanenburg, Osdorp and Sloten are fron now on called: IJs-break. 

What we are known for, for already years, is our fresh made ice, delicious coffees and fruity smoothies.

At our parlours you can enjoy several coffees, like cappucino’s (ice) lattes with sirups from Monin.

We serve Blackstoch coffee blue label, made of 100% Arabica beans: powerful, rins and with a chocolate twist.

Thanks to the space we have in our parlours, we have created an open kitchen where our customers can see how we make all of our products.

You are most welcome in one of our shops.